Oct. 3rd, 2012

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OK, not keeping up — not totally unexpected, since it’s been a busy week and I’m out of practice.

I’ve been continuing to take care of the chickens, deal with the eggs, tend the wood-fired boiler. I’ve tested the cotton candy machine for this weekend, and made two batches of powdered maple sugar (one from light syrup, one from medium syrup) that I will be combining with granulated cane sugar for the mix for making cotton candy.

Tomorrow, my brother should be bringing by a long trailer to be loaded up with furniture, equipment and supplies for the booth for our sugarhouse for the Ashfield Fall Festival. It’s currently raining, and is expected to be raining tomorrow as well, so I’ll either get the canvas roof of the carport to cover the trailer or set up the entire carport around it, whichever is more expedient and more effective.

I need to go to the farmers coöp tomorrow to pick up more feed for the chickens. I typically get 10 or 12 bags of feed at a time, and keep them 30-gal lidded bins to keep the raccoons away from it.

A couple of weekends ago I picked up a replacement box timer for the electric lights in the chicken rooms. The old time was probably older than I am, and the motor for the dial finally died this summer. We provide lights for the chickens during the shorter sunlight days so that they continue to lay eggs, so that folks in town still have local eggs during this time of year (most of the egg farmers around here have small flocks and no lights).

We started going to kung fu classes again a little over two weeks ago, after several months away (recovery from injury for [livejournal.com profile] helwen, scheduling conflicts for me). We haven’t been as conscientious about our practice over the summer as we should have been, but we’re doing better than we should be IMHO.


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