Jan. 6th, 2012

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Just before Christmas, we spent a fair chunk of change (if it were actual coinage, I would have needed a forklift to move it) on repairs to the van's front suspension and brake system. One of the struts was faulty, though, and we'll need to replace it, probably some time next week. Before we could do that, though, the faulty strut highlighted the fact that there was substantial rust and cracking in that strut tower (where the strut attaches to the van in the engine compartment), and we needed to take the van to a body shop to have that taken care of. That has now been done, but then we took the small car in for work on the brakes and alternator before taking the van back in for replacing the faulty strut.

After getting the estimate on the work for the Civic, we have decided to "retire" the old Honda Civic and acquiring a much newer one on Wednesday of next week. The amount of work that would have been needed to make the old one roadworthy again was prohibitive.

The newer one is a gold tone, four-door sedan, with a much larger trunk and rear seats that can fold down to accommodate even larger items. One of the things that we checked was whether or not we could carry our waxwood staves inside the car on the way to class on Wednesday nights...

Looks like it will get another 10 mpg above the old Civic, which got about 10 mpg above the van. Not too shabby, that.

Digital speedometer -- that is going to take some getting used to.


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