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Our family/clan gathering for the season was held yesterday at W and S's house. Four generations present, with three members of my mother’s generation present, and I lost count of how many young children were there. An age range of over 80 years. Several family members were ill with Autumn colds and could not attend.

There were two roasted turkeys there, with one having been soaked in brine before roasting, and the other being basted with butter and herbs. Both were good, but there were definitely differences in the final result.

There were the typical dishes of the season: Squash, potatoes, glazed carrots, a squash casserole (with mushrooms and tomatoes), cranberry sauce, whole wheat rolls, salad, two kinds of gravy (one with wheat, one with cornstarch). For dessert, there were several different kinds of pie, including two apple crumbles (one gluten/sugar/nut free) and a blueberry pie, and sugar cookies.

We brought two dishes: One harvest cake (buckwheat and butternut squash — not a dessert), and one lemon meringue pie (with rolled oat crust, so that it would also be free of gluten — my mother had two slices), both made primarily using maple sugar (there was cane sugar in the meringue — I haven't quite worked that out yet). One of the best years for baking those, even though I accidentally switched the amounts for the baking powder and baking soda in the harvest cake (or maybe partly because of that).
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